4 Advantages of Teaching Mindfulness for Global Sevilla Students

Talking about learning at school, it will be complete with many lessons that must be followed. Sometimes, it makes students stressed and anxious. To overcome this problem, Global Sevilla as aninternational school Jakartaimplements a mindfulness approach. The goal is to help students learn better. Here is further information for you!

4 Advantages of Teaching Mindfulness for Global Sevilla Students

Advantages of Implementing Mindfulness Approach in Class

1. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

In receiving a lot of learning in class, sometimes students feel they can’t focus in class. Anxiety and stress will always accompany them when studying in class. Therefore, Global Sevilla tries to monitor the mental condition of all students by creating an effective program. It is believed that this approach will help students more wisely manage stress and anxiety while studying in class.

To support the program, the role of the teacher is very influential in its implementation. Teachers must know how to lead and foster the implementation of the program being run. As a result, students will be more relaxed when studying in class. Thus, Global Sevilla as an international school can achieve its main goal of helping students learn better in the classroom.


2. Better Interaction Skills

Students’ behavior and social skills will improve drastically by reducing stress. This international school Jakarta applies the approach to make students studying at school more comfortable and less anxious. As a result, students have a good education with better characteristics. Thus, there will be no more individual attitudes when doing group tasks.


3. Better Value

One of the most prominent outcomes of a mindfulness program is value. The application of effective mindfulness can improve students’ cognitive performance. It is a useful approach to expel stress that will also affect student performance. Thus, parents can expect better academic results when enrolling children at Global Sevilla. It will be shown in the form of better grades and achievements.


4. Have Greater Empathy

As another bonus, students at Global Sevilla will have good character building. It can be seen from self-reflection, empathy, and perspective-taking. This international school Jakarta admitted that the mindfulness approach will help students find their identity more easily. For these reasons, they may be more open, talk to other people, and end up having a more positive attitude.

Overall.Global Sevillais different from other schools in Jakarta. Moreover, in terms of the programs offered, this institution has a Mindfulness approach as its mainstay approach. As the name suggests, it emphasizes the student’s mind, which means it helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. As a result, it can balance the mental attitude, behavior, and cognitive abilities of students.